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Release Date02 February, 2024
PublisherRavenage Games

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A combination of Action RPG and Tower Defense: slay monsters, find weapons, upgrade your armies, defend your base… Prevent humanity from extinction at the hands of monsters from Greek mythology and ancient tribes. Don’t let them cross the gate, commander!

RPG Gamers summary

Legendary Hoplite, the latest game that is taking the gaming community by storm, delivers an immersive A-RPG meets Tower Defense gameplay that draws heavy inspiration from Greek mythology.

Players are put into the sandals of Dio, a young commander whose character and prowess echo the legendary figures such as Achilles, Perseus, and Hector from Greek mythos. The story revolves around the defense of the city of Ithaca against an onslaught of diverse monsters who seek to breach its defenses. Dio’s primary objective in protecting the city: stop the creatures from passing through the gates.

Combat is a key strength of Legendary Hoplite, requiring careful thought and planning to fight against the barrage of monsters and legendary bosses. In addition to mundane weapons, the game introduces stronger, god-blessed artifacts to match the might of tougher enemies. The classic skill tree upgrade system along with sets of war techniques provide versatile tactics for defending against ever-changing monster waves.

Additionally, the strategic arrangement and the upgrading of your armies through battles contribute to a more complex and immersive gaming experience. The game encourages players to create their own unique build with a combination of skills to tackle their enemies.

Bosses in Legendary Hoplite are inspired by legends from Greek mythology, creatures that have caused significant suffering to mankind, adding more intrigue and history to the narrative. These bosses use their primordial strength to break through defenses, requiring players to stay vigilant and strategize continually.

Legendary Hoplite also adds an enticing plot twist with the death of Odysseus, the king of Ithaca, which propels the story and sets the stage for the impending monster onslaught. The game boasts over 100 levels, 60 types of monsters with variants, several bosses from original Greek mythology, plenty of items for equipping, various armies with special skills and an intricate achievement system.

In summary, Legendary Hoplite promises a rich gameplay experience where strategic planning and combat tactics are key to overcoming a wide range of foes from Greek mythology. While it revisits the well-trodden path of Greek heroism, the marriage of A-RPG and tower defense mechanics freshens up the genre in exciting ways. Equipping, army management and tactics all play pivotal roles in stopping the familiar yet deadly foes from breaching Ithaca’s defenses. For fans of strategic gameplay and Greek mythology, Legendary Hoplite could be a promising title to consider.

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