Luxaren Allure - Game Poster

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Release Date 14 April, 2023
Developer Sapphire Dream Games
Publisher Sapphire Dream Games
Setting Fantasy
Perspective 3rd-person

Game Details

The evil overlord is the hero’s girlfriend?! Fantasy RPG featuring WLW romance. Explore the Isles of Luxaren with a cast of gay ladies!

RPG Gamers summary

Luxaren Allure is a captivating RPG that follows the epic journey of Karuna, a brave adventurer who sets out to stop her former friend, Darkloft, from bringing destruction to the isles of Luxaren. The game features a compelling story that centers on themes of lost love, new relationships, and heroic quests. The gameplay is turn-based but fast-paced, with animated heroes and enemies in classic side-view style reminiscent of classic RPGs. The game also boasts gorgeous illustrated character art by M-3-1, including a diverse cast of all-female playable characters.

As a wlw (women who love women, lesbian romance, yuri, etc) game, Luxaren Allure is an inclusive experience that offers a unique romantic twist on the hero’s quest. Players will enjoy the character-driven narrative as they explore Luxaren’s islands, encountering various challenges and battling fierce enemies along the way. The game also provides the Alchemy feature, which enables players to boost their play via dozens of unique items, equipment, and accessories.

Luxaren Allure ensures accessibility by offering optional Dungeon Navigation Mode, which activates ethereal arrows to guide players through complicated dungeons, making the exploration process seamless. Additionally, the game’s adaptive difficulty provides four levels to choose from, allowing players to customize their experience with regard to the battles’ pace and challenge.

Overall, Luxaren Allure delivers a delightful gaming experience, full of excitement and emotions. Its outstanding narrative, charming artwork, and accessible gameplay make it an excellent option for those into RPG games, especially the WLW subgenre.

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