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Release Date TBD
Developer CipSoft GmbH
Publisher CipSoft GmbH
Perspective 3rd-person

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Persist Online is an MMORPG with zombies, so you better get yourself a gun. Survive in an unforgiving open world, where every building is accessible. Forge a deadly team with friends and claim what’s not yours. Take your loot to your safe bunker to craft better gear. Some survive. The best persist!

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News Article:

Persist Online, a new hardcore MMORPG, is currently getting significant attention in the gaming world. Known for its intense survival elements featuring a world overrun by zombies, the game brings innovation and excitement to the MMO genre.

The effort is the latest from the developers who brought us the iconic Tibia, and it seems they have once again managed to deliver a deep and engrossing gameplay experience. Persist Online drops players into a relentless, apocalyptic world. Every building in the game’s large, open world can be explored, adding another layer of intensity, as each structure could potentially turn into a deadly trap.

Bringing a unique twist to the MMORPG genre, Persist Online eschews typical fantasy trappings in favor of an arsenal of firearms and melee weapons. The choice isn’t just aesthetic; loud noises attract the hordes of undead, adding a captivating layer of strategy to combat. Your choice between wielding a firearm or a silent, but effective, frying pan can be the difference between survival and a grisly end.

Player collaboration is at the forefront of Persist Online, where it’s encouraged to weave together a destructive team with friends, aiming to claim resources and fight back the undead. However, the risk always exists of encountering other players who might be more interested in claiming your hard-won loot. This encourages a blend of cooperation and competition among players that enriches the gameplay dynamics.

Another unique aspect of Persist Online is the absence of predefined classes. Players have freedom in developing their characters in the way they see fit. This dynamic design decision, combined with the option to craft weapons and armor, add tactical depth and endless customization choices to the gameplay.

Persist Online also introduces the realism of a dynamic weather system and an impactful day and night cycle, further reinforcing the harsh reality of its post-apocalyptic setting.

In summation, this new survival MMORPG, backed by an experienced dev team, is poised to offer gamers a fresh, challenging experience in the genre. It’s not just about survival; it’s about persistence, adaptability, and collaboration.

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