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Release Date 08 February, 2024
Developer SWDTech Games
Perspective 3rd-person

Game Details

Something happened that night in the old hospital… Ten years later, you have the chance to put things right. Are the hallucinations that plague you a key to what happened that fateful night? Muster your detective skills and gather your allies as you take to the streets to prove your innocence!

RPG Gamers summary

Pixel Noir, a detective-inspired role-playing game, offers a rich narrative experience that explores the depths of regret, redemption, and mystery in the grimy underbelly of Pinnacle City. Thrust into the shoes of a disgraced former detective, players must navigate through the complex twists and turns of guilt, accusation, and dark secrets.

The protagonist, racked with guilt over a catastrophic event that claimed lives and his reputation, is now scraping by as Pinnacle City’s low-budget Private Eye. Presented with a strange case that offers a glimpse of redemption, players are drawn into an intricate plot filled with exciting and versatile missions ranging from missing pets to murder investigations.

Pixel Noir introduces a vivid cityscape filled with a myriad of characters each possessing unique personalities and skills. Spanning across different districts such as the gritty Sprawl and the sleek Uptown, Pinnacle City is a melting pot of nefarious activity and ominous characters. The entourage system in play offers potential allies who could also become threats, encouraging strategic thinking when forming alliances.

Combat in Pixel Noir is a traditional turn-based system, with an added layer of complexity via the timed hits and blocks mechanic, allowing players to increase or reduce damage. Coupled with dynamic combo attacks that can be executed alongside entourage members, battles promise to be tactical and engaging.

In terms of progression, the game employs a system where entourage members can learn a wide range of skills through Manuscripts. By solving major cases, players acquire skill points that can be used for upgrading these skills, making them more potent as the game progresses.

Gear can also be customized to suit players’ style, providing observable impact on gameplay. Different mods and ammo types allow for varied forms of damage and status effects on enemies, thus enhancing the strategic depth to combat encounters.

Packed with an intricate narrative, a wide cast of characters, engaging combat, and a progression system that rewards strategizing, Pixel Noir offers an immersive gaming experience for fans of detective stories and role-playing games alike.

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