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Release Date 14 July, 2023
Developer LFB Studios
Publisher LFB Studios
Setting Fantasy
Perspective 3rd-person

Game Details

Rising Spire is a turn based RPG inspired by the classics. Play as Atlas, a young Nephilim whose world is on the brink of destruction at the hand of Divinity itself. Explore, forge deep relationships and hone your powers in this immersive coming-of-age story.

RPG Gamers summary

Rising Spire is a turn-based RPG game that reinvents the genre with a unique twist on the classic combat system, storytelling, and exploration. The game is inspired by classic turn-based RPGs such as Final Fantasy and Persona, but it delivers a modern twist that retains the feel-good and fun spirit of the ‘90s golden age titles. In Rising Spire, players embark on an epic journey through the harsh world of Malus, a realm filled with perilous challenges, unexpected alliances and divine armies trying to kill you at every turn.

In Rising Spire, players take on the role of Atlas, a Nephilim who can walk between worlds and see and touch souls. The game offers a fresh take on character classes, with a weapons switch system that lets players unlock new weapons, each with unique abilities, runes, and play styles. Players must find and tweak their weapon combinations to create a build that suits their playstyle.

The day and night cycle also plays a crucial role in the game, with the environment adapting to the time of day. Some secrets are only revealed in the moonlight, and players must take caution during the night as it brings forth random encounters and powerful enemies. The game explores classic themes of adventure, growth and friendship, as well as darker themes such as loss, betrayal, and revenge.

The story of Rising Spire is told by those around the player, and the relationships formed with other characters shape the journey. Each character has a rich and full existence, dreams, fears, quirks, and bad days. The full story is only uncovered by spending time with these characters, creating powerful bonds, and completing all character arcs.

Overall, Rising Spire is a compelling RPG experience that blends classic themes with exciting new gameplay mechanics to offer a fresh and enjoyable adventure for players.

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