SacriFire - Game Poster

RPG Gamers Review

Release Date TBD
Developer Pixelated Milk
Publisher Pixelated Milk
Setting Fantasy
Perspective 3rd-person

Game Details

SacriFire is an upcoming RPG boasting a unique combat system, elaborate pixel art, and music by genre legend Motoi Sakuraba. Ezekiel Ridan, a young priest, struggles to keep his faith as the world he loves is threatened by a war between gods and demons. The adventure begins!

RPG Gamers summary

SACRIFIRE: An Exciting Fusion of Current-Day Visuals and 90s RPG Nostalgia

Slated for release, SacriFire, an upcoming RPG, channels the charm of beloved 90s games, aiming to unite today’s gamers with the roots of their hobby. SacriFire promises an engaging blend of features, incorporating dynamic battles, high-quality presentation, moral complexity, dual-world exploration, elaborate gameplay systems, and voice-acted narratives, all supported by an original musical score.

Dynamic Battles Merge Real-Time And Turn-Based Styles

SacriFire aims to revolutionize in-game combat by expertly blending real-time actions with turn-based decision making for strategic and thrilling duels. With a diverse weapons array, the choice of fighting alongside companions and the ability to create elaborate attack combos present a challenging yet satisfying battle experience.

Innovation Meets Retro in Game Presentation

Through an inspired blend of pixel art and 3D graphics, SacriFire bridges retro-style aesthetics with advanced digital effects for a visually stunning RPG. Animation handled frame by frame provides smooth transitions between hand-drawn characters and 3D-modeled environments for a captivating gaming experience.

Dive Into A Morally Complex, Unpredictable Narrative

SacriFire’s original story reflects and subverts traditional RPG tropes, providing familiar settings, but with unpredictable outcomes. It delivers a unique narrative blend that is sure to keep players at the edge of their seats.

Travel Between Two Rich Worlds

The game allows players to traverse between the extensive subterranean city of Antioch and the serene spirit paradise of Erebus. These settings open the doors to a universe that fuses elements of science-fiction and fantasy seamlessly.

Sophisticated Gameplay Systems Enhance Engagement

With an option to adopt diverse combat disciplines, craft weapons, solve puzzles, and venture into imaginative dungeons, SacriFire offers an elaborate engagement platform that transcends traditional RPG gameplay.

Original Score and Professional Voice Acting Bring Characters to Life

Adding an extra layer of immersion, the soundscape features an original score composed by G4F and Motoi Sakuraba, the acclaimed video game composer. Coupled with professional voice acting by Sound Cadence Studios, these elements aim to elevate the RPG experience that SacriFire delivers to gamers upon its highly-anticipated release.

Co-funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, SacriFire seeks to both honor and revolutionize the genre, by striking a balance between old and new RPG elements. While the release date remains under wraps, SacriFire continues to build anticipation in the gaming community.

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