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RPG Gamers Review

Release Date 18 September, 2023
Developer ooze
Publisher Kakehashi Games
Setting Medieval
Perspective 3rd-person

Game Details

Set sail for adventure in the Age of Discovery! Explore the seven seas as the fresh-faced ship captain Fernando. Customise your ship, battle against pirates and sea monsters, and assemble your crew to delve into the mysterious disappearance of the legendary explorer, Sir Antonio.

RPG Gamers summary

In an exciting announcement for fans of strategy and exploration games, the newly launched ‘Sagres’ presents an intriguing prospect for gamers across the globe. This navigation-centric experience encompasses a journey around the world, featuring vivid landscapes ranging from the icy caps of North America to the sandy plains of the Saharan Africa. Moreover, players can anticipate delightful immersion courtesy of the hundreds of authentic locations included in the game.

One key game mechanic that stands out in Sagres is the detailed trade system. Players can establish crucial trade routes, search through local markets, and engage in the exchange of various goods. This mechanism is central to the gameplay, making for an immersive and compelling economic element.

‘Sagres’ has more to offer than just economic strategy. It comes fully equipped with an action-packed combat system based on the ‘rock-paper-scissors’ dynamic. With a variety of weaponry and armor available, spanning from swords and guns to cannons, players must gear up to engage in thrilling battles against pirates, thieves, wild beasts, and even mythical creatures.

One of the game’s greatest challenges is managing your vessel. It’s not just about arming it with cannons for combat, but ensuring adequate cargo space for the resources necessary to support your crew. This delicate balance between combat readiness and logistics management adds to the depth of the gameplay.

Sagres further advances its engagement factor through an explorer ranking system. Players can undertake contracts from various guilds, make discoveries, hunt treasures, and gradually rise up in fame. The more reputation you accrue, the more likely you are to rub shoulders with in-game royalty.

All in all, ‘Sagres’ promises a blend of management, strategy, action, and exploration, uniting features from various genres to create a unique gaming journey. Stay tuned for updates as we closely follow the game’s release and progress.

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