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RPG Gamers Review

Release Date 03 October, 2023
Developer Marvelous Inc.
Publisher XSEED Games
Setting Fantasy
Perspective 3rd-person

Game Details

Explore, fight, and produce items to grow stronger as seven distinct heroes in this silent world. Guided by the Princess, you’ll delve into the Abyss and learn the mysteries of the King and his now-ruined kingdom. In a world without words, what hope is there for humanity?

RPG Gamers summary

Silent Hope is an ingenious blend of RPG and strategy game set in a dazzling, mystical world. The story is cascaded through an unusual chain of events: a calamitous event devastating a once peaceful kingdom, leading to a dramatic downfall of humanity, an intriguing sacrificial act of a King, and his daughter — the princess, encased in a crystalline tear. The game takes flight several years after these events when seven rainbow-colored lights — symbolic of hope, emerge from the Abyss and take the form of heroes to rescue the princess.

The game has a resounding mystique with its captivating storyline. Questions linger about the motive of the King who abandoned his people and elicits a deep curiosity: why did he strip his people of speech and why did he descend into the Abyss?

Silent Hope boasts seven unique characters each possessing a unique and engaging fighting style. Players can choose from varied character sets including the perfectly balanced Wanderer, the long-range specialist Archer, or the powerful and intense Warrior. The gameplay enables character adaptability as you garner more experience with the usage of crystals from the Abyss offering the option to switch characters or return to Base Camp.

This game also encourages creativity through simple yet immersive tasks like hunting for new recipes and materials and returning to your Base Camp. Each hero lends a different colour with their unique job skills, embodying roles from alchemist to blacksmith to cook, thus offering an eclectic gaming experience.

One of the impressive traits of the game is the dynamic layout it offers each time one enters the enigmatic Abyss. Exploration is given a fresh meaning with the hunt for Memory Rifts for higher challenges and rewards.

Silent Hope is also a visual spectacle. The fairytale vibe is beautifully captured in the storybook aesthetic. The princess acts as a soulful narrator, making the journey feel like a living fairy tale. The game’s essence is amplified by the revelation of dark mysteries in the visually enchanting underworld. Silent Hope answers to the call for a unique gaming experience, weaving an immersive story with a delightful mix of characters and challenges.

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