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Release Date TBD
Developer Umbrella Labs
Publisher Umbrella Labs
Setting Fantasy
Perspective 3rd-person

Game Details

After experiencing a devastating event, three young siblings find themselves at the center of a struggle between two civilizations that could spell disaster on a global scale. A sacrifice must be made — one that will reshape the entire story and events that unfold. Who will you choose to sacrifice?

RPG Gamers summary

The upcoming game Symbol of Sacrifice is set to offer an immersive and enchanting adventure that unwinds in Sonir’s magical and ancient realms. In the heart of a captivating landscape marked by imposing mountains, lush valleys and mesmerizing rivers, players will follow the journey of three siblings, Azil, Itori, and Lillia. Born from humble farming roots in their country, Akirath, these three dream of a life beyond the fields.

In a universe where magic’s existence is as prevalent as its solicitation, each sibling boasts unique capabilities. As the threesome confronts a cosmic threat of enigmatic nature, their individual skills will play instrumental roles in combating and safeguarding their world.

Symbol of Sacrifice is particularly highlighted by its hand-drawn sprites, contributing to the game’s spellbinding storytelling. A venturing journey promises to be lined with difficult decisions that uniquely influence the narrative’s outcome, making the game essentially three stories in one.

Key to this game is the active choice-based narrative, where the decisions taken by the player are essential. These choices are not surface-level decisions; they delve deep, significantly affecting the ending each player will encounter — essentially holding the fate of Akirath in the player’s hands.

The game also boasts a combat system centered around skill, not statistics. Each battle presents itself as a puzzle ready to be solved. The absence of stats or levels anticlimactically emphasizes a focus on player abilities and tactical prowess.

Voice acting in the Symbol of Sacrifice stands apart in its category. Its industry-leading, highest-caliber performances truly imbue each character with life.

Additionally, to provide a sneak peek into this enchanting universe, a demo version of Symbol of Sacrifice is available. This preview consists of the Prologue and first two chapters, providing a robust narrative experience of over 20,000 words, which undeniably ropes the player into leading the narrative towards a decisive moment that will asunder the entire game.

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