Tales of Fablecraft - Game Poster

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Release Date 23 July, 2024
Developer Riftweaver Game Studio
Publisher Riftweaver Game Studio
Setting Fantasy
Perspective 3rd-person

Game Details

Tales of Fablecraft is a cooperative virtual tabletop RPG set in the vibrant, hopeful world of Mythas. Gather your friends and embark on an adventure with integrated video chat, interactive battlemaps, and incredible digital tools perfect for veterans and the RPG-curious alike.

RPG Gamers summary

Tales of Fablecraft is breaking new ground in the digital tabletop role-playing game sphere. This immersive, accessible RPG combines the best of analog and digital gaming realms for an experience that is spurring excitement from industry notables such as GamesRadar’s Benjamin Abbott and actor/writer/producer Felicia Day. The game prioritizes simplicity and immersion, all set against the enchanting backdrop of a world called Mythas.

The game, through its custom-built platform, guarantees a hassle-free, uncomplicated gaming experience, ideal for remote or in-person gaming sessions. The core version of the game is currently offered free of charge – a package that includes a starter adventure, over a hundred unique assets and tutorials along with solo combat simulations, designed to ease players into the game’s mechanics and dynamics.

Setting a standard of ‘less prep, more play,’ Tales of Fablecraft lets game masters guide their adventurers with a built-in GM guide, markedly reducing prep-time. Character creation is also a breeze, taking approximately 15 minutes or less.

Combat and skill checks in the game surface through the roll of a die, with all results calculated automatically. This allows players to focus on key aspects like magic use, acquiring loot, and evolving their characters into heroes. The turn-based combat offers a tactical dimension, with players moving their character tokens on interactive grids.

The game’s world, known as Mythas, is a sprightly, vibrant universe, where the remnants of an ancient civilization blend harmoniously with wild nature and magic. Despite the inherent dangers lurking around, Mythas promises to be a realm of hope and beauty.

In terms of accessibility, Fablecraft has integrated features to support video, audio, and text-based chat, eliminating the need for supplementary apps. Its cross-play and cross-platform capabilities allow players to join using a laptop or desktop, MacOS, or Windows systems. Later in the year, support for tablets will be introduced, followed by Android and iOS mobile support set for 2025.

This user-friendly, interactive game also comes with a collection of assets such as animated artwork, music, interactive battle maps, and combat visual effects, making the gaming experience even richer. For those interested in creating their stories, Fablecraft provides homebrew tools to construct their adventures.

Marrying the traditional RPG elements with digital amenities, Tales of Fablecraft is set to offer a new horizon for both hardcore fans and newcomers to the fantasy RPG genre. The game is available at https://store.steampowered.com/app/2176900/Fablecraft/.

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