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Release Date 10 April, 2024
Developer Pastaspace Interactive
Publisher Pastaspace Interactive
Setting Fantasy
Perspective 3rd-person

Game Details

Face thunderous monsters, join up with devious pirates, loot ancient star cities, and make your mark on a galaxy of storms and secrets in this open world lovecraftian spacefighter RPG! Explore a vast handmade universe full of quests, bosses, and loot. Includes online multiplayer and mod support.

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News Article:

In a striking homage to classic space games, developer Pastaspace Interactive brings us an open-world space arcade game, Underspace. As a game journalist, one cannot help but appreciate the handcrafted detail in every star system and the interactive universe that promises a unique adventure.

Set in the intriguing galaxy of Croft, players can choose to be anyone and do anything they desire. Crafted for both solitary players and online multiplayers, Underspace allows gamers to assume different roles. From a miner harvesting crystallized star-beast bones, to a trader, pirate, explorer, or a hunter, each player has the ability to shape their narrative. The path to truly leaving a mark on the universe is not without its trials, however. Players will find themselves navigating through violent weather and facing eldritch beasts and unknown terrors.

Underspace’s galaxy is an unpredictable landscape. Hyperspatial tempests that disrupt star systems and spew out hazards, monsters and treasures are a constant presence. Players have the opportunity to explore the game’s 70 handcrafted star systems, each with their own unique threats.

The game also promises a wealth of mysteries with is expanse of lost empires, uncharted voids full of ancient star cities, strange graveyards, and fields of lost wormholes. Fearsome challenges lie hidden away from main routes, with formidable opponents such as world-eating serpents, possessed battleships, and living minefields.

Gamers are given the freedom to choose and customize one of over 60 different ships and outfit them with 150 pieces of equipment. Character creation involves not just choosing a species and designing your individual, but also ensuring your survival against threats like ghost trains.

Life in this universe is dynamic - the player can engage with over 40 different factions, each with their unique alliances, goals, and preferences. In addition to random assignments, the game also offers over 30 unique sidequests with their own riveting narratives.

Underspace presents a unique gaming scenario where you have the independence to do as you please. Be it resource-gathering, solving puzzles, building and selling technology, shipping cargo to stations or pirating from ill-fated opponents who wander into your territory, the game offers flexibility in how you want to play.

Undoubtedly, Underspace is a game that pushes the boundaries of what traditional space games have been, forging its own unique path with intricate details, challenging battles, strategic decision-making, and unlimited choice. This vast interactive universe is an exciting prospect for any gamer embracing the open-world genre.

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