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RPG Gamers Review

Release Date TBD
Developer Finite Reflection Studios
Publisher Modern Wolf
Setting Fantasy
Perspective 3rd-person

Game Details

Illuminate the shadows in this approachable but relentless top-down minimalist soulslike. Gather Sols, level up, and uncover secrets to fight your way through this abstract fantasy.

RPG Gamers summary

Void Sols is a geometrical, top-down adventure game set in a dark, abstract world that presents a relentless test of your gaming mettle. You play as a lowly triangle navigating a sprawling maze, where death is all but guaranteed, and yet an integral part of the learning process. Each failure brings with it a valuable lesson that players can apply in their subsequent attempts.

The game presents a range of enemies, from average sword-toting grunts to devious arrow-shooting foes. These adversaries, along with brutal bosses, stand between you and your goal of liberating a suppressed world.

A unique feature of Void Sols is the ability to refine your build. This aspect of the game allows players to utilize ‘Sols,’ a currency that can be obtained by defeating enemies and exploring the world. The Sols can be spent on adjusting your stats and loadout to better equip you against the challenges you face. However, players will have to ensure they reclaim their lost Sols each time they fall in battle.

Apart from overcoming foes, Void Sols offers a rich world to explore, filled with hidden mysteries. The game delivers an extensive lore without a single word, enticing players to delve deep into its dark recesses to reveal hidden items and secret shortcuts. The game’s narrative, implied rather than told, invites players to piece together what happened to this world plunged into darkness.

In terms of difficulty, Void Sols caters to both beginners and veterans of soulslike games. Its range of difficulty sliders allows players to adjust their experience. Yet, strategy remains a crucial part of the game, as players must learn the attack patterns of enemies and utilize their foes’ traps against them.

However, potential players should be aware that this title features certain light patterns and flashing lights that could potentially induce discomfort or trigger symptoms in people with photosensitive epilepsy or other photosensitive conditions.

In conclusion, Void Sols promises an immersive experience with its abstract world, well-designed enemies, and strategic gameplay mechanics. This title not only challenges players but also engages them in an atmosphere of struggle and mystery.

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