When the Light Dies - Game Poster

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Release Date 02 May, 2024
Developer Electric Monkeys
Publisher PQube
Perspective 3rd-person

Game Details

When the Light Dies is a survival game with roguelite elements set in a desolate, frozen wilderness. Step into a murky world of shadow and obscurity as a lone survivor fighting to keep the darkness and the horrors that lurk within at bay.

RPG Gamers summary

When the Light Dies, a chilling survival game with roguelite elements, immerses you into a harsh, frost-bitten wilderness, where your most formidable enemy is not only the prowling monsters but the impending darkness. You are steeling yourself for the ultimate confrontation to keep at bay your fears, embodied by these chilling creatures, and the bleak, eerie silence of your surroundings.

In this procedurally generated world, darkness is your true adversary, for as your precious lamp oil dwindles, so does your sanity. This essentially escalates the threat level of your foes, making them deadlier adversaries. The game skillfully weaves in elements of mental health, environmental survival, with the constant management of your character’s body temperature, hunger, and mental state.

Finding resources in this eerie world is akin to gaining wealth in When the Light Dies. Scavenge for precious lamp oil, supplies and read world-specific literature to sooth your harrowed mind, and, interestingly, devour the souls of the defeated creatures to unlock potent new abilities.

You can grow your character along customizable paths by pinning, re-rolling, and stacking upgrades. Dark, forbidden magic becomes your arsenal as you delve deeper into the game, using sanity to unleash cosmic blasts and unholy healing spells.

In an intriguing twist, death is not a full stop in When the Light Dies. Utilizing mechanics more commonly seen in roguelike games, you chart a course through strange and esoteric constellations post-death, marking permanent stat buffs and abilities.

Overall, When the Light Dies offers an immersive twist on survival games, heightening the tension with substantial threats from the environment, mental health challenges, and roguelike progression systems. One can anticipate a ruthless test of survival and sanity in the eerie, frozen backdrop of this game.

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