Affliction Expansion Releases December 8 to Path of Exile PC Version

jasonnieva December 01, 2023

A new expansion is coming out to Path of Exile next week. Dubbed as "Affliction," it's going to introduce a new challenge league along with three new Wildwood Ascendancy Classes and more than a hundred new Transfigured Gems. It also marks the return of the Ultimatum League. The expansion releases December 8 for the PC and December 13 for consoles.

Challenge League

For the Affliction Challenge League, you'll encounter Sacred Wisps which are going to invite you to enter overgrown passageways leading to the Viridian Wildwood. A vile Affliction has covered this forest resulting in the foreboding darkness. To end the source of the Affliction, you'll need to uncover the mysteries the forest is hiding.

There’s going to be different types of rewards available in the Affliction Challenge League. For example, you can earn the Wildwood Ascendancy Class along with the Charms, Corpses, or Tinctures, that the class utilizes.

There are also additional secret rewards waiting to be discovered.

Entering The Wildwood

The expansion also has you try to clean the Viridian Wildwood of its Affliction. Now it's not going to be easy. You see as you approach the darkness, you have Wisps which can help burn away the affliction. However, you'll need to tread carefully since the Wisps only have a limited amount of power before they run out. Remember that the darkness is full of cursed monsters which has no qualms of killing you.

If you do manage to get rid of the Affliction, you get to earn valuable rewards and even learn the ancient ways of the Azmeri Wanderers.

Meeting the Wanderers

As you explore the Wildwood, there's a high possibility you get to meet some of the last few Azmeri Wanderers who have managed to survive in the forest since it was cursed. You can choose which of the Azmeri Wanderers you're going to accept and complete quests. This allows you to unlock one of the three new Ascendancy classes. Note that this is in addition to the regular Ascendancy class you have.

You can get Path of Exile for the PC through Steam.