Blade Prince Academy unveils new Demo and Kickstarter campaign

calimonk May 16, 2023

Blade Prince Academy, the upcoming tactical RPG game with an anime art style, has released a new demo on Steam, giving players over an hour of gameplay, four missions, and a boss battle. The game emphasizes real-time with pause combat, where timing and combos are the keys to victory. Players can explore the dark but magical city of Abjectalia, where the game takes place, and get a taste of what the game has to offer.

Blade Prince Academy's "true real-time with pause" system allows players to manipulate the order and timing of each attack to plan the perfect combo, making for exciting and dynamic gameplay. Fans of tactical RPGs like Fire Emblem and Hades will want to experience this game.

If you enjoy the demo, you can get involved with the community-focused content by supporting the Kickstarter campaign that Angel Corp and Firesquid Games have launched. 

Blade Prince Academy is a game that offers engaging gameplay and a unique art style. It is suitable for players who love tactical RPGs and anime. The game is set in a dark and magical city, which adds to the game's atmosphere.