Changes Coming to Quest Progression for Enshrouded

jasonnieva February 10, 2024

It hasn't been long since Enshrouded was released. However, it looks like players are seeing an issue when it comes to quest progression in the game. It particularly, it's mainly on the server-side rather than player-side.

Then again, it's not that surprising especially when you know that Enshrouded was designed as a co-op game. Indeed, Keen Games revealed in a post that when they developed the system, the believed that the best was to enjoy the game was to play it with friend working cooperatively together. That means sharing bases, resources, crafting recipes, and even loot. The studio went on to say that they also wanted players to start an adventure with different groups of friends and on different servers. This is why they had a game environment where a new player could easily join a long-running server.

With the feedback from the players received, the studio announced that they're now look at way to implement some options for player-based quest progression. These include an option to be able to personally complete every quest and improving the Quest Log to better communicate the state of each quest in terms of server vs personal progression.

The work on this has started with the studio actually lowering the respawn timers to 30 minutes. This means it's now possible to defeat a boss again or to destroy a Shroud root, among others.

Enshrouded is a game that's all about survival, crafting, and action RPG combat, which is now available on Steam Early Access. Like with most survival games, you pretty much start nothing but with the will to survive. You'll need to scrape and scavenged whatever you can find in the ruins of a lost kingdom. It goes without saying that you'll have to fight beasts that are hungry for your flesh. You also have to look for treasure and secret knowledge and travel across forests, caves, and even dungeons.

As you explore the world, you'll have face against the Shroud, which has consumed the land, corrupting and mutating all life it has encountered. This means it's up to you to cleave your away against the factions and formidable bosses. To battle as well versus Scavenger in the forests, Vukah in the caves, and Fell creatures in the mist.

Aside from combat, you'll also need to bring out that creative vision to come up with a grand architecture on an epic scale. You can also customize the fortress with different kinds of materials and furniture. Remember that you're not only doing this for yourself but also for those refugees that want to stay within your walls.

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