Changes Made to Camera Orbiting in Len’s Island Offer New Gameplay Experience

jasonnieva May 05, 2024

The latest update for Len's Island features changes to the gameplay experience for all players. One of the highlights is the update on Camera Orbiting. According to developer Flow Studio, this massive change was mainly the result of community feedback.

The Camera Orbiting update gives players more control when it comes to the game's camera. In particular, they can now zoom in and out during gameplay, which is sure to make the experience even more immersive.

For example, they can zoom in talking to the villagers or zoom out while exploring the cave network. Players also now have the ability to orbit the camera and get a 360 view of the islands. Another exciting change was the rework done to the screenshot mode. It now features a free flying camera to allow for more creative freedom.

Questing Update

Camera Orbiting wasn't the only change introduced. There's also the Questing update, which should be good news not only for those new to the game but even veteran players. The update adds a starter tutorial where a set of quests help the players get started in their adventure. This same update also introduces a new Questing page where players can see a lot of optional quests that they can complete. These quests vary in difficulty and offer different rewards.

There's also a new Collections added to the Compendium where players can track their unlocked progress in the game.

Frozen Lands Update

Flow Studio also revealed in a statement that they’re currently working on the Frozen Lands update. This large-scale update is expected to come out later this month. It's going to introduce a massive expansion that adds new biomes to the game. It's also set to shake things up by adding a new tier of dungeons along with a new boss and enemy encampments. Players can also look forward to advanced armor and weapon sets that's arriving along with this upcoming update.

Len’s Island is a survival-crafting dungeon crawler that offers a large and procedural world for players to explore. It’s a world where they gather resources, build lavish homes, go out into dangerous dungeons to defeat powerful enemies, and of course, level up to become stronger. The game is available on Steam Early Access.