Check Out the Story Trailer for New Arc Line

jasonnieva April 09, 2024

New Arc Line is a game that's set in a world where arcane magic exists in the middle a steampunk revolution. We get to learn more about this world with the release of the story trailer.

This new trailer gives us a quick look at the stunning world that Dreamate Games has created. We get to see towering clockwork contraptions standing alongside fantastical creatures. Then there are the rather opulent cityscape that contrasts with the grimy underbelly, a place where the less fortunate struggle to survive and more often than not are taken advantage of in the most gruesome ways. You can watch the story trailer here.

Be a Hero or Villain

In the game, you get to create your very own character be it a Human, Dwarf, Elf, or Giant. Get to customize the character by choosing the appearance, gender, and background. While you do have freedom to come up with your own character, it's important to remember that the inhabitants of the world have their own prejudices and treat the characters differently based on their choices.

The game also has you meet and recruit different characters and learn their individual stories. There's the choice for players to fight demons together with the party and help them grow or use them for their own benefit and discard them when necessary.

The game features a detailed progression system where you can evolve your character. There's a total of six character classes and 12 subclasses to choose from. You can choose to help their allies for example as a Celestial Sage or incinerate enemies by being a Hellfire occultist. Those who want to deal more pain can curse enemies through mystical Voodoo abilities. Of course, you can also go the other way and becomes a Steampunk mechanic, Teslapunk scientist, or Dieselpunk engineer.

While trying to make a name, you can influence the lives of many for better or worse. The ultimate question that needs to be answered is whether you side with the already established powers or fight for the weak?

New Arc Line is coming out later this year. Wishlist it on Steam now. The game is also coming out for the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S.