Crusader Kings III Welcomes New Players with Upcoming Update

jasonnieva April 09, 2024

If you're one of those who have long wanted to try out Crusader Kings III then now is that time. Paradox Interactive announced last week a month-long activation on their channels with the goal of making the game even more welcoming to those curious about it. All of these goes live with Legends of Crusader Kings III, a free update which arrives in May.

Over the next month, the game is reintroducing some of the game’s familiar characters through one of the most popular starting bookmarks. This campaign in particular has been designed not only to highlights the diversity of play options available in the game but also the various story-telling possibilities. After all, even the most warlike of players have to deal with other approaches especially if they want to make the most out of the experience.

In the game, warrior-kings are encouraged to pursue different goals having different advantages. Meanwhile, for Legends of Crusader Kings III, it's basically a "Rags to Riches" game start through five rulers as exemplars of the five key traits of Crusader Kings III characters. These are:

  • Diplomacy: Petty King Murchard of Munster in Ireland uses his strong relationship-building skills to anchor his drive to unite the island under one crown.
  • Stewardship: Duke Vratislav of Bohemia rules a rich land at the heart of Central Europe, helping development and construction in his realm.
  • Learning: Duchess Matilda of Tuscany promotes scholarship in her Italian lands, leading to better education and quicker research.
  • Intrigue: Emir Yahya of Toledo is at the center of scheming and manipulation in the combative arena of Iberian politics.
  • Martial: Duke Robert of Apulia has his sights set on the conquest of the rich lands of Sicily, and is just the warlord for the job.

Each of the leader mentioned has been recontextualized to allow for greater emphasis when ti comes to their different playstyles. There’s also going to be a few new events for some of these characters to deepen immersion. In addition, they’ll also have updated appearances and biographies, which sets them apart from the hundreds of other possible characters to choose from.

You can get Crusader Kings III for the PC through Steam.