Diablo IV Brings Back Mother’s Blessing in Sanctuary

jasonnieva November 18, 2023

Attention to all adventures in Sanctuary! Blessings are set to arrive in Diablo IV. From November 20 to November 27, all players get to earn experience and Gold at a 35% increased rate. With Lilith blessing all children, this bonus applies not only to Seasonal Realms but also for Eternal Realms. It's also applied to all World Tiers. That's not since the bonus stacks, it's good to pair it with Elixirs and the Urn of Experience to maximize experience gains.

For those who want to know where to attribute this bonus, it's rather simple. Simply look for the new in-game icon that's beside the potion count. This is the one that shows the increased rate of earning Gold and experience. Anyway, be sure to use this boost to make your way through the ranks of the Battle Pass and climb to higher Levels and World Tiers with that burning swiftness. Do it quick and finish the Season Journey. This way you'll be able to face the trials which are waiting in the Abattoir of Zir on December 5.

The increased gold and XP isn't the only thing to be excited about in the game. The Season of Blood is ongoing and in addition to a new Season Journey, there's also a new Questline and even Season Event. Without spoiling to much, this new season is all about vampires.

Diablo IV is the fourth main installment of the highly acclaimed Diablo franchise. It was officially released back in June and available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC through Battle.net. It October it was made available on Steam.

Diablo IV takes place in Sanctuary and is set 50 years after Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. This time the main antagonist is Lilith, the daughter of Mephisto. With the forces of both angels and demos now depleted, it appears that the time is ripe for Lilith to finally establish her power in Sanctuary.

A new expansion is currently in the works it's planned to be released sometime in late 2024. Titled as "Vessel of Hatred," it brings players back to the land of Nahantu where they once again get to explore the lush. It starts where the main story left off and focuses on Neyrelle, who struggles to control what could the worst possible travel companion, none other than the Prime Evil Mephisto.

What are you waiting for? Ready for a new adventure in Sanctuary?