Enjoy an Immersive RPG When Streets of Rogue 2 Opens this August

jasonnieva June 17, 2024

We're finally getting a release date for Streets of Rogue 2 and it's on August 15. It invites players to a living and unpredictable open world where anything is truly possible. There's a choice to go solo or team up with friends and go on an adventure to bring down a corrupt president.

The game is a good fit particularly for those who love those freedom-focused and story-generating sandbox games that include the likes of Dwarf Fortress, Stardew Vallet, or Rimworld, to name a few. With its systems-driven experience, players get to interact with the world in different fun ways.

Freedom of Choice

Streets of Rogue 2 evolved the ultimate freedom of choice that made the first title a cult hit. This sequel was developed through years of valuable community feedback in mind. The result is an open-ended and fun experience that's made possible by offering a deep and endlessly replayable roguelike formula with RPG elements and combine it with an immersive sim creativity. The game features dozens of classes with each one having unique traits and offering different playstyles. There's also a wide range of weapons and gadgets to choose from.

A Bigger Map

Another difference that this upcoming game has with that of the first title is the procedurally generated map is 10,000 times bigger. It's a world that has a lot of different locations and a fully destructible environment. There are also various side activities for players to do.

Save the County

In the game, players are asked to overthrow a corrupt ruler and take the reins. How players do that is completely up to them. They can do it as a soldier or a policeman. They can even choose to be a hacker, scientist, or even ninja. There are different characters to choose from.

There are also different ways to do it once a character has been chosen. Players for example can hire a mercenary army and then take over through a coup. They can also do it up close and personal, by breaking into the mayor’s office and holding them hostage. Players can also go big and launch a zombie virus outbreak.

What do you think? Do you have what it takes? Wishlist Streets of Rogue 2 on Steam now.