Face the Threat of the Sidhe as the Rising Eclipse Arrives to King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

jasonnieva December 04, 2023

Attention to all knights out there! The new season for King Arthur: Knight's Tale is finally here! Rising Eclipse introduces new missions and new mechanics. Then there's also the various balance adjustments made.

This time around, a new threat is on the rise. It seems that strange rifts have been appearing across the land and this is now blotting out the light. That's not all since these same Rifts seem to attract the interest of another in addition to Camelot and these are the Sídhe. These enigmatic beings are foreign to Avalon much like the anomalies. This is mainly the reason why they get buffs from the remainder of the current Mission once they conquer a certain number of Rifts. They get +5% Vitality for each Rift along with +5% Damage for the 4th Rift and for each following Rift and +1 AP for the 7th Rift, and for each following Rift.

Unlike the Sidhe, the Knights of Sir Mordred's Round Table don't get any benefit from the Rifts directly in battles. However, they do get a benefit once they close these Rifts. The knights are able to convert the energy resulting from the closed Rifts and turn it to a precious resource known as Eclipse Shards.

Players also get the chance to build their own Sidhe Shrine. You see, it seems that an ancient Sídhe Shrine was discovered under the foundations of Camelot. With the shrine, players can convert the raw energy of the Rifts into magical enchantments. Every upgrade created in the Shrine increases the capabilities of the members of the Round Table. By the way, these effects remain permanent during the whole endgame.

In King Arthur: Knight's Tale, you get to play Sir Mordred, the former black knight and nemesis of King Arthur. Mordred has managed to kill King Arthur but with his dying breath also managed to strike you down. The two of you have died but appear to also live. It appears that the Lady of the Lake, who rules the mystical island of Avalon, has brought you back to end a true nightmare. She wants you to kill King Arthur or whatever he has become.

With King Arthur: Knight's Tale, you get the chance to experience a unique combination of traditional and character-centric RPGs with turn-based tactical games. The game offers a dark fantasy version of the Arthurian mythology and invites you to manage a team of heroes on the dangerous battlefield.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale is currently on sale on Steam at 60% off.