Here’s What’s Being Planned for Crusader Kings III this Year

jasonnieva February 07, 2024

Paradox Interactive officially revealed what's going to happen in Crusader Kings III for 2024. It's about Chapter III which features two expansions that include one that's Byzantine-themed. There's also going to be an event pack along with a free cosmetic add-on. The entire Chapter III is available for $43.98.

Become a Legend

The first content coming out this year is the Core Expansion titled as "Legends of the Dead." This one has players get the chance to turn themselves into a figure of legend. It's a time when great feats and effective propaganda can greatly improve the power of the bloodline across centuries. Players can use their growing reputation to establish a lasting material legacy and helping make this happen are the Court Chroniclers. The problem is that a growing threat is coming from distant lands which has a legendary legacy of its own. This expansion arrives to the game on March 4.

The Byzantine Empire Arrives

The Byzantine Empire takes the spotlight in the Major Expansion titled as "Road to Power." Players get to rule from Constantinople through the new Administrative Government form and can experience different Byzantine-themed events and flavors. There's also the option to be daring instead and live a life where they can roam as an adventurer for hire and make sure that their noble reputation isn't tied to the land.

A New Travel Lifestyle

Back in Tours & Tournaments, players were introduced to the travel system. In the "Wandering Nobles" event pack, there's going to be a new Travel Lifestyle and even new ways and new reasons to travel.

New Fashion and Styles

Finally, there's the "Couture of the Capets" cosmetic pack where players can experience the world of opulence. This one adds to the game new fashions and styles which are inspired by French royal culture in the High Middle Ages (13th century). This pack is available free for those who but Chapter III.

Talking about what's going to happen this year for Crusader Kings III, Game Director Alex Oltner shared in a statement that they're excited to finally talk about their plans and that Chapter III is set to be one of the biggest phases in the history of the game.

Crusader Kings III brings players back to the drama and intrigue of the Middle Ages where they have to master diplomacy, warfare, and cunning politics to ensure that their dynasty secure a place in history. Get it on Steam now.