Major Spring Update for Trove Adds Gearcrafting Profession

jasonnieva March 27, 2024

A lot of new content is now available on Trove with the release of the Major Spring Update. The highlight is the addition of the new Gearcrafting profession.

With this, you now have a new way of getting their hands on equipment for the different character classes. To get started on this new profession, simply head on over to the Character Corner in the Hub. For those of you who may have forgotten, it's at the south-west of the Landing Pad. Once there, you'll need to look for Guillermo Armada, since he'll be the one to give the path for you to become a Gearcrafter. Eventually you'll get access to the Gearcrafting Forge where you can turn rough materials like flux and ores into treasure. You can also craft a wide range of equipment from Uncommon (green) and all the way to Crystal (teal) with six tiers of recipes.

Now the higher the Gearcrafting skill, the better the quality of the item that can be crafted. Once you get 250 Gearcrafting skill, you can then use the Gearcrafter’s Terminus and unlock Crystal 2, 3, and 4 equipment recipes. There's also a a rare chance unlocking a Crystal 5 equipment.

You should also keep an eye out for Gearcrafter’s Vaults, which can only be obtained by completing Gearcrafting recipes at the Forge from Uber-1 (or higher) chests and dungeons. These provide an opportunity to get high-quality loot. Vaults usually contain items required by Gearcrafting recipes, and on rare occasions, a piece of 2-star equipment (scaled to class Power Rank) and a large amount of Block elements await.

New Questline

The update also introduces a new questline titled as the "Golden Thread." It comes with a new progression tree bench along with a dynamic lootbox that contains gear suited to your current class.

By the way, the adjusted gear drops in Uber worlds mean that magic is no longer the only viable method when it comes to collecting high-tier gear.

What are you thoughts on this new profession?

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