New Prologue Chapter for Void Sols Now on Steam

jasonnieva March 29, 2024

Modern Wolf announced that it has agreed to publish Void Sols. This should be good news particularly to those who have already enjoyed Void Sols: Prologue. To celebrate this new milestone, a new 70-minute prologue chapter is currently available on Steam.

Talking about the game, Modern Wolf Creative Director Freddy Frydenlund revealed in a statement that he's excited to see how people react to this upcoming title and hopes they fall in love with it the same way they did.

The game was initially released under the title Void Sols: Prologue. This free game offered a one zone demo. The goal for developer Finite Reflection Studios was to see if there was enough player interest in the game to develop it further to a larger experience. What was the result? There were about 50,000 downloads with player feedback overwhelmingly positive. Indeed, there was demand for a full game and with the addition of Modern Wolf as publisher, the studio now has the support and resources it needs to make it happen.

Fights Against Angular Enemies

In Void Sols, death is basically a lesson in geometric gloom. You get to explore a top-down world with minimalist surroundings that's full of secrets. You take on the role of a triangle and try defeat angular enemies and bosses. These include sword-wielding grunts, tricksy arrow-flinging fiends, and of course, brutal bosses. All of these are sure to test your resolve.

Gather Sols

Every time you defeat enemies you obtain Sols which can then be used to customize your playstyle. Be sure to change loadout and stats whenever you can to adapt to the different challenges ahead. Just remember to pick up those lost Sols each time to vanquish your enemies.

Truly a Challenge

At first, the game may appear to be something like simple geometry. However, don’t let that fool you. That’s because the game is an excellent gateway when it comes to the soulslike genre. It comes with a range of difficulty sliders which let new players ease into the game or give even the toughest soulsike veterans a much-needed challenge.

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