Path of Exile Affliction Expansion to Introduce New Wildwood Ascendancy Classes

jasonnieva December 03, 2023

A new expansion is launching later this month in Path of Exile. Affliction is going to offer a lot of new content to enjoy. One of these is the introduction of three Wildwood Ascendancy Classes. Today, we’ll be taking a quick look at those classes.

Warden of the Maji

The first of these new Wildwood Ascendancy Classes is the Warden of the Maji. This is something that the Warden of Eaves can teach you and what this powerful class does it make the most out of wilderness knowledge. One of the many abilities of the Warden of the Maji is known as Barkskin. What it does is allow Bark to grown all over the body and thus increase armor. While the Bark does fall off as you take damage, it results in increasing your evasion.

Wardens of the Maji are also known to coat their weapons with Tinctures and thus getting special bonuses. An example is the Ironwood Tincture always stuns enemies on full life. The Oakbranch Tincture meanwhile is a great finisher for bosses.

Warlock of the Mists

The Breaker of Oaths are the ones who are able to you to become a Warlock of the Mists. This is a class which specializes in the darker arts of the Azmeri. One powerful ability is Blood Hunt where you can consume corpses and gain more damage. You also get protection against monsters that share a creature type with the corpse consumed.

The Breaker of Oaths are also not hesitant to sell you additional corpses of exotic types. These in turn can be used as powerful specters. Other abilities that can be accessed with Warlock of the Mists is, among others, a trio of new curse skills.

Wildwood Primalist

Finally, there’s the Wildwood Primalist, which can be learned from the Primal Huntress. Compared to the other two ascendancy classes introduced, the Primal Huntress actually allows you customize your tree through Charms which have randomly generated skills from the regular ascendancy classes. Charms are attribute-aligned magic items which can have as much as two random modifiers on them.

Wildwood Primalists get access to other powerful abilities that include a small extra backpack, or the ability to use warcries to cause corpses to drop extra items.

The Affliction expansion is going to be available for the PC version of Path of Exile on December 8. It’s arriving to console versions on December 13. Get to know more about the upcoming expansion here.