Persist Online Challenges You to Surive a Post-apocalyptic and Zombie-infested World

jasonnieva June 04, 2024

A new MMORPG is currently in the works and it's being done by the same studio responsible for Tibia, first released back in 1997. CipSoft announced that development is ongoing for its upcoming title Persist Online. This one is set in a post-apocalyptic and zombie-infested open world. It's launching for the PC through Early Access on Steam.

For fans of Tibia, this should be excellent. After all, is the first MMORPG from CipSoft to come out in almost three decades. That means the studio is using everything it knows when it comes to offering great multiplayer experience in this game. Persist Online is designed to be a true and old-school MMORPG. However, instead of orcs, mages, and spells, players instead have zombies, baseball bats, and guns.

Making a Good MMORPG

In a statement, Lead Product Manager Benajmin Zucker shared MMORPG is all about the "diverse interaction possibilities" between the players and the unpredictable stories which result from them. He added that a "good multiplayer game" is only possible when creating it with the community and that even before the game releases on Early Access, the studio is planning to organize regular game tests.

Zucker revealed that Persist Online was actually a hobby project and was the brainchild of two employees. After that they simply start to develop the game that they wanted to play themselves.

Fight the Zombie Horde

In the game, players get to join forces with other survivors and try not only to keep the hordes of zombies at bay but also bring down the mutated bosses. It's an open world where hundreds of players get to experience a harsh environment together.

Making things difficult is that there are players that are looking for some PvP action. To increase survivability, it's often better to team up or even form guilds. By the way, there's also friendly fire so keep an eye out for that.

To fight off the zombies, or even the other players, there's a wide range of looted or crafted weapons available, each of which can be upgraded. Players can choose to blow up enemies with a shotgun or do damage up close and personal with a frying fan.

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