Playtest for Dimensionals Start on Steam Tomorrow

jasonnieva July 09, 2024

There's good news for those excited to try out Dimensionals! While there's no release date revealed yet, players can try out the game early through the exclusive Steam playtest which begins July 10.

Dimensionals follows the story of the tyrannical King of the Specters. This king has released an apocalyptic attack which resulted in the once-peaceful Dimensionals being scattered and each Dimension just teetering on the brink of annihilation.

Humanity’s Last Hope

The game has players take on the role of a courageous and young Dimensional, considered as the last hope of humanity. They get to go on an adventure across shattered dimensions and along the way rescue stranded allies and rebuild the Dimensional army. All of these to defeat the Specter King once and for all.

Experience a New Adventure

Players get to enjoy an exciting journey across a hand-crafted story campaign that’s enriched with dynamic comic book-style cutscenes. It’s an experience which is sure to bring to mind the old-school Saturday morning cartons.

In the game, each level unfolds as a fast-paced episodic adventure and has players come up with different team strategies to counter unique enemies, complete puzzles, and finish challenges. Since each level features roguelike gameplay, it means no playthrough has the same hero skills and players need to come up with those crazy combinations each time.

Overall, the game offers a deep narrative-driven experience that combines well with tactical rogue-like gameplay. It also has engaging storytelling and replayable depth which is accessible to all audiences.

Different Modes

The game is inspired by traditional roguelikes though it has the strategic depth present in classic party-based RPGs. There are different modes available and one of this is the Master Raid mode. This is a hard-core and pure roguelike mode that’s best for players who are looking for the ultimate Dimensionals challenge.

Master Raid meanwhile is all about strategy, tactics, and adaptability. This one has players perfect their skills through hard-core, action-packed, and fast-paced gauntlet of the Rift.

Excited to try out the game? Do you have what it takes to succeed? Wishlist Dimensionals on Steam now.