Prepare for the Holidays with Part-Time Jobs in Mabinogi

jasonnieva November 18, 2023

The Holidays are almost here and it looks like Tuatha de Danann needs some assistance. The good news is that there are a lot of jobs available in Mabinogi this season. Get ready for the Part-Time for the Holidays quest which started November 16 and runs all the way to December 7.

For this event, you'll need to head on over to Dunbarton and look for Part-Time Job Joe. Once that's done you should get the [Guide] Part-Time for the Holidays quest. By the way, during this event you'll have to register your main character. In addition, for the duration of the event all Part-Time Jobs have twice as many openings.

Once you complete the quest you get to obtain 5,000 EXP and 20x Part-Time Job Celebration Coins. By complete the initial quest and selecting a main character, you also receive two additional quests which are [Today's Part-Time Job Quest] and [This Week's Part-Time Job Quest]. The former is given daily while the latter is given weekly.

Daily Quests

The daily quest resets every day at 7:00 AM PST. To complete the quest you'll need to finish any three Part-Time Jobs. The rewards to be received include 300,000 EXP, 4x Adventurer Seals, 1x Special High Speed Gathering Potion (Event), 10x Part-Time Celebration Coins, and 10x Life Skill Material Boxes.

Weekly Quests

Weekly quests reset every Thursday at 7:00 AM PST. To complete the quest you'll need to finish any 15 Part-Time jobs. There are a total of three weeks and the rewards to be obtained are 600,000 EXP and 20x Adventurer Seals.

However, there are also other different rewards given for each week. In Week 1 for example, aside from what's already been mentioned, you also get 1x Rebirth Potion, 30x Part-Time Job Celebration Coins, 20x B-Grade Erg Material Boxes. For Week 2 it's 1x Pet Rebirth Potion Box, 30x Part-Time Job Celebration Coins, and 20x A-Grade Erg Material Boxes.

Week 3 of course has more rewards with the addition of 30x Part-Time Job Celebration Coins and 20x S-Grade Erg Material Boxes. That's not all since it also gives you the Strong Angler’s Creel Coupon which lets you store up to 300 fish.

Learn more about the Part-Time for the Holidays event here.

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