Red Moon Lost Days: A Sega Saturn Revival

calimonk May 25, 2023

Independent development studio The Retro Room Games has announced that Red Moon Lost Days, an RPG/Visual novel hybrid for Sega Saturn, is now available on their store at $24.99. The game combines elements of RPG and visual novel genres, following the story of Kyou Tan Wa, a pilot who sets out on a quest to Egypt to uncover the truth behind his Army General friend's vanishing. Check out the trailer here:

Red Moon Lost Days comes as a physical copy that includes a case, manual, and two CDs. To play the game, a modified Sega Saturn or an expansion cartridge capable of running homebrew games on the console is required. The game features immersive storytelling and gameplay elements, with players controlling Kyou Tan Wa on his quest to investigate the disappearance of his Army General friend.

The Retro Room Games started in 2019 as a development company and has since evolved into a development and publishing house. They work with commercial companies and indie developers alike, publishing for various platforms from NES to Game Boy to Sega Dreamcast among others. Some of the games published to date are Airball, BIG2SMALL, Chip’s Challenge, Elland: The Crystal Wars, Gelatinous: Humanity Lost, and Magic & Legend: Time Knights, and Quest Arrest. The Retro Room Games is passionate about keeping retro games and retro-style games alive and in the hands of awesome people, continuing to keep them alive for another generation to come.