Silent Hope Demo Now Available Free for PC via Steam

jasonnieva September 15, 2023

A free playable demo for Silent Hope has been released XSEED Games and Marvelous USA for the Nintendo Switch and the PC through Steam. The demo has players try the whole first level of the Abyss. That's not all since any progress made on the demo are carried over to the full release version.

While getting to play a part of the game early for free is indeed exciting, there's more coming. That's because XSEED is set to release an update to the Official World Guide. It's going to give a look at the game's user-interface along with the control scheme. Then there's also a dive into some of the opportunities and dangers that await everyone.

An example of this would be the unique challenges that players can encounter known as "Memory Rifts." It transports players to a special temporary realm where there are deadlier monsters to fight but in return, they hand out powerful and rare loot once defeated. There's also the "Black Statue Trials" which rewards players strong enough to beat those monsters.

Now in the game, whether the expedition to The Abyss is successful or not, players return to Base Camp. Here, each of the seven heroes have a unique role to play when it comes to crafting the supplies that's going to be needed for the next expedition. In addition to gathering materials and then using them to create and upgrade equipment over at the Warrior's Forge, it's also possible to care for animals at Archer's Farm and then harvest their byproducts. It's also good to head on over to Fighter's Kitchen and come up with food that can give those much-needed buffs.

Silent Hope is a game that brings one back to the days of isometric dungeon-crawlers but adds a modern twist. Players take on the role of seven heroes, each one having a unique fighting style, weapon, and even non-combat job. Each day they get to journey to The Abyss where they fight against different enemies and collect various materials. They then return to Base Camp not only to rest but also to improve their gear and prepare for the next expedition. Because of the procedurally generated layouts ensure that each adventure to The Abyss is a unique and fresh experience.

Don’t forget to check out the free demo on Steam now. Silent Hope is launching on October 3.