Symbol of Sacrifice Coming to Steam Early Access this May

jasonnieva March 25, 2024

What happens when you offer an adventure that mixes science fiction and fantasy? You get a game like Symbol of Sacrifice. It's actually the first game to come out of studio Umbrella Labs. While there's no official release date yet, the good news is that early access of the game is coming to Steam this May.

The best way to describe Symbol of Sacrifice is that it's a visual novel that combines fantasy and sci-fi with inspiration taken from JRPG. It's all about giving the choices to the players as they experience a tale of a clash between two civilizations that are fighting for survival.

The story actually starts in the small village of Alezia, the same one where the heroes live. It then shows players the tragedy that falls on them and the journey of redemption that they take. Along the way, there are some important decisions to be made. Whatever it is, it's up to the players. There are three unique storylines available with each one having different encounters, locations, battles, and even endings.

Talking about this upcoming title, Umbrella Labs CEO Roshaan “Khanondrum” Khan shared in a statement that it's been a while since they started working on the game and they're close to the first ever major milestone which is the demo. He added that that the game means the world to them and is a culmination of what the studio is all about.

Here are some key features of the game to look forward to:

  • Get to see beautiful and hand-drawn sprites which help bring to life a tale of epic proportion.
  • A devastating event that’s shrouded in mystery forces players to make a heart-wrenching decision that’s sure to change the course of the whole narrative.
  • Enjoy three stories in one.
  • The fate of Akirath is in the hands of players as they navigate a world where choices echo across the tapestry of existence.
  • Each decision made in the game influences the ending players get to experience.
  • Demonstrate tactical prowess as each battle is a puzzle where many of which have multiple solutions.
  • Experience industry-leading, professional performances that bring each character to life.

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