A Limited-time Open Beta for Soulmask is Scheduled May 1

jasonnieva April 16, 2024

Players are invited to try out their luck in the open-world that is Soulmask. A large-scale global playtest is running on Steam from May 1 to May 10. Compared to the demo made available during the Next Fest, the version for the Open Beta features more areas along with more prosperous wildlife and even more lively tribesmen.

This content-driven open-world sandbox game offers a realistic world and survival challenges. It comes with three unique gameplay features which are Masks, Dynamic Tribesmen and Tribal Management, and a Diverse Physics-based Combat System.

Control the Tribesmen

The core gameplay of Soulmask focuses on Masks. It gives players the ability to control most of the NPCs that are in the game world. These masks let them possess NPCs, allowing them to take over their bodies and transform into anyone. As the game progresses, players get to discover more masks which embody the spirit of ancient heroes that in turn allow them to unlock different abilities. There are ones that offer the gift of immortality, let them walk among enemies concealed in the shadows, or fire homing missiles with dead accuracy, to name a few.

Tribal Management

In the game, players get to recruit as much as 20 tribesmen to have their very own tribe. Each tribesman has a unique and even distinct personality. There's the choice to recruit those bloodthirsty warriors or dexterous hunters. They can even get the ingenious craftsmen or even a drunk and lazy alcoholic.

With the game offering AI and command support, these allow players to set up and manage the workflow of clan members with a high degree of freedom. Work includes the likes of farming, harvesting, assembly line production, base patrol, automatic repair, and even maintenance. Each of these can be automated and even customized.

Combat System

The third main feature of the game is the diverse physics-based combat system that’s meant for players who love to fight. There’s a total of eight weapon types along with 67 skills. This should let players customize their very own fighting style. A good example is the spear. It has as many as eight specialization skills which can be learned randomly. Players can use this as a ranged weapon and pull enemies closer or even utilize it as a melee weapon to pierce opponents.

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