Core Keeper’s Paws & Claws Update Unleashed

calimonk May 29, 2023

Core Keeper Introduces Paws & Claws Update with Pets, Creative Mode, and Music from Stardew Valley & Valheim

Em-*bark* on an underground adventure with all-new cuddly companions in Core Keeper's 'Paws & Claws Update', the latest content update for the million-plus selling sandbox adventure game, available to download today. Check out the launch trailer here:

Available as a free content update to all Core Keeper players, the Paws & Claws update introduces pets to the game for the very first time, letting you discover, hatch, and care for a variety of fluffy friends. Take to the fields of the brand new 'Meadow' sub-biome with the waggy-tailed Subterrier, floppy-eared Fanhare, fluffy-furred Embertail, oozy Jr Slimes, and the aerobatic Owlux by your side. Feed and train your pets to let them gain experience and learn new skills, and use their unique combat abilities against the beasts waiting for you in battle. Discover farm animals like Moolins, Bambucks, and the crustacean-like Strolly Poly, and tend to them to gain useful materials like milk, wool, and Strolly Poly plates.

Explore your creative side with the powerful new Creative Mode, a passively-paced building mode that lets players create the underground base of their dreams without the need to gather resources or fend off enemy attacks. Core Keeper is available on Steam.