Crusader Kings III Launching Legends of the Dead Expansion on March 4

jasonnieva February 10, 2024

A while back Paradox Interactive released its 2024 roadmap for Crusader Kings III. Basically, there's going to be two expansions along with an event pack and even a cosmetic add-on. The first is Legends of the Dead, which comes out March 4.

What can players expect for this upcoming expansion? For starters, it's going to feature and epic retelling your family history or let you build your very own heroic reputation by doing great deeds. You can them promote this legend and see just how the stories of the past live across the centuries. To leverage your living legend status, you'll have to do it through Decisions and actions. That means keeping the stories of the family in the minds of a continent while at the same time strengthening the legitimacy of your rule and allow for further choices.

Building Legacies

In this upcoming expansion, you'll be given access to two new legacies. The first one is the Heroic dynastic Legacy, which is for the heirs of legendary characters and using the great deeds of ancestors to justify claims from the distant past. The second is the Legitimacy Legacy which promotes your dynasty as the true rulers of the realm.

By the way, it helps if you hire an official historian to spread the story of your dynasty’s great accomplishments. Then again you can also choose to have poets and musicians turn your actions into art.

Down with the Sickness

You're going to also deal with new diseases that include Bloody Flux, Measles and Holy Fire. Of course, when things don't go your way, you can honor your deceased loved ones by having dignified Funeral rites, according to your faith.

The biggest problem you'll be facing though is that the same scourge that struck down both noble and commoner alike during the Middle Ages. We're talking about the Black Death. If this goes out of control, it's sure to transform both the social and political environment. That means you'll have to not only prepare your realm for this rampaging plague but also your soul. This may be the strongest enemy you've ever faced.

The Legends of the Dead expansion is part of Chapter III, which is priced at $43.98. Learn more about it here. Get Crusader Kings III on Steam now.