Dustgrave: A New Dawn in Sandbox RPGs

calimonk September 15, 2023

Digital Tribe and indie studio Innervoid Interactive have announced their upcoming sandbox RPG, Dustgrave. Set to be published on Steam in 2024, the game takes place in a world ravaged by war, hunger, and plague following the collapse of the Dahlan Empire. This grim setting provides an opportunity for players to forge their own path, with the freedom to shape their characters into heroes or villains, scholars or workers, spiritual guides or mercenaries.

The trailer showcases Dustgrave's striking cell-shaded watercolor art style and deep turn-based combat system. Players will have the freedom to create and customize their characters using an advanced character editor, and every decision made within the game will have real-time consequences. An advanced record and relationship system tracks every event in the world, with NPCs reacting based on their morality and allegiances.

Dustgrave promises a true sandbox RPG experience, offering endless tactical depth through a combination of skills and items. An advanced stealth system allows players to use strategy over brute force, providing opportunities for burglary, assassination, and more. Key features include NPCs with unique personalities, a world that evolves with factional power struggles, and a host of character paths to choose from. The game promises to offer a meaningful and immersive experience with every action recorded and judged by NPCs based on their personalities or faction affiliations.

Digital Tribe Games, an experienced video game accelerator and publisher, is partnering with Innervoid Interactive, a creative and innovative indie studio, to bring Dustgrave to life. This collaboration promises to deliver a compelling RPG experience for players seeking a deep, tactical, and customizable adventure.