Fight and Survive Against Gargantuan Monsters with Tarnished Blood

jasonnieva February 06, 2024

Get ready to serve the ancient Protector Tree and experience what it means to slay gigantic beasts with Tarnished Blood. Enter the dome and fight the bests lurking below with the free game demo that's now available on Steam.

The game offers a unique gameplay experience with players being able to place the actions they want on a Timeline. Here they can come up with epic combos or ever evade the lethal attacks. If things don't go the way as planned, they can "turn back" time and try to correct any past mistakes. Players can create a team composed of four warriors and then arm them to the teeth. Since each weapon and armor unlocks new skills, players can choose a strategy which fits their playstyle.

Enter the Dome

The game offers a world gargantuan bloodthirsty Maultigores roam the valleys and the deceitful Celestials control the time-space continuum. When entering the Dome, players can leave it as the savior or give in to the Madness of the Old One. The core of the game are the truly gargantuan bosses. There's no question that their beautifully horrible and hand-drawn monsters come straight from nightmares. There are the mutated and frenzied chimeras which live under the ground and the deceitful and mesmerizing Celestials. There are a lot of bosses, and each one has multiple forms having different attack patterns, skills, and tricks.

Once they defeat enemies, players can then bring them back to the village. The bones, fat, and guts, can all be used to craft new items, expand buildings and even unlock those powerful skills.

Permanent Change

As players fight the monsters, the characters get to experience various impacts like broken jaws, gynophobia, and even petrification, to name a few. Basically, for each playthrough, players not only encounter different events but also various traumas, body modifications, and weapons, among others. All of these permanently change the warriors and with it the strategy.

Each Saga is Different

Before each fight players need to resolve a series of events which can result in the incoming battle being a walk in the park or turning a one-way visit to hell. That means before choosing which path to take, it's important to take note of different variables like the stats, traits, traumas, and even genders of the hunters.

Tarnished Blood is coming out in the second quarter of 2024. Wishlist the game on Steam now.