Help Brocula Live and Survive in the Modern World

jasonnieva January 08, 2024

What happens to a vampire who awakens from a slumber and finds out it's not the world that he's known? You get to experience that journey with Brocula, which comes on Steam this February 1.

The game has you take on the role of Brocula. He's a vampire who's now awake after a 500-year sleep. The problem is that this new world is now unrecognizable to him. Making things worse is that he's been stripped of his wealth. What this means is that he now has to navigate the maze that is capitalism. To be able to survive, Brocula needs to take on part-time jobs are different businesses that include a restaurant, coffee shop, and local garage.

Getting Back the Castle

Being able to live is not the only problem Brocula face. His ancestral castle is now in ruins. He'll need to work tirelessly to bring this dilapidated fortress back to its former glory. He'll also need to overcome the bureaucratic hurdles especially if he wants to get back the ownership of this property from the town's mayor.

Time to Earn

The gameplay focuses on money and societal struggles. You can start by tending your crops and cultivating the farm that’s right next to the castle. After that you can then sell your harvest and hopefully your turn in a profit. You can also try out fishing and perfect those skills to reel in that catch and use it to cook those delicious meals.

Get those Lifeblood

Being a vampire though isn’t all about doing those mundane chores. You’ll need to manage your cult and to get the lifeblood that you need, you’ll also have to restore that once-forgotten church and conduct those regular sermons. You can even head deep into the everchanging forest where you can access dungeon which not only has monstrous creature but valuable treasures that’s just ripe for the taking.

Finally, the stunning visuals make sure that you get to experience the rich tapestry that is the world of Brocula. If you're excited to see what the game has to offer, a demo is available on Steam. Wishlist Brocula now.