Lost in the Open: A Tactical Roguelike Journey

calimonk June 02, 2023

Independent developer Black Voyage Games is excited to announce their first title, Lost in the Open, a challenging turn-based roguelike RPG set in a low-fantasy medieval world. Players will lead their party as Nrvesk, the ruler of Ruedome, whose bloody and oppressive reign has led to an assassination attempt by his former allies in the royal court of Stratha. Players must guide the party through forests, mountains, and swamps, trading blows with bandits, royal guardsmen, human experiments, and fanatics, while negotiating with trade merchants and hiring wandering recruits in an attempt to survive the unlikely journey back to Ruedome.

Combat in Lost in the Open plays out in a turn-based system over a tile-based grid that provides many tactical options. Units can gain up to five abilities each, which can be improved throughout the game with character levels and skill progression. The game is designed to be a challenging experience where enemies will pull players out of position, lure them into traps, and work as a team to flank them. Players must position their units to create an impenetrable frontline while protecting their flanks and, most importantly, their king.

Lost in the Open features upgradeable weapons and armor, with units leveling up and acquiring powerful skills and perks upon surviving against the odds. Players will also defeat enemies, aid strangers, and trade with merchants to unlock new perks and abilities, upgrade equipment, and recruit wandering souls to aid them on their quest for survival. The game offers over half a dozen locations to choose from at every juncture, with each choice affecting short-term and long-term plans. Lost in the Open will release into Steam Early Access in Q4 2023.