New Official Story Trailer for HeistGeist Released

jasonnieva November 16, 2023

Doublequote Studio announced the release of the official story trailer for its upcoming title HeistGeist. The game offers a narrative-focused cyberpunk RPG with card-based combat. It's coming out in 2024 for the PC via Steam and the Nintendo Switch.

HeistGeist is set in an original post-cyberpunk world that's based on real locations. Specifically, it's a fictional version of Central Europe in the year 2040. The game follows the thief for hire Alexandra. After her last job went bad, she's now trying to pick up the pieces of the reputation that she lost. Now on the run from a disgruntled client and corporate assassins, she's preparing for the heist of a lifetime and has put together a team of professional composed of unusual allies having a very particular set of skills. At the same time she's doing what she can to stay alive.

You can watch the new trailer below:


In the game, you'll need to plan those highly sophisticated heists to get your hands on classified corporate intel or super secret prototypes. Just remember that it's important to be prepared since even the best laid plans have the tendency to be messy. That means you need to adapt to change, make the right choice, and stay alive. Of course, make sure to get the job done.

Now in cases when stealth is no longer an option, the only choice is to fight the guards and automated security systems through tactical card-based battles. Find your own playstyle and build your deck. Don't forget to upgrade the cards and release those powerful combinations.


Here are some of the features to look forward to in the game:

  • Pull off high stakes heists in which every choice matters.
  • Follow an original cyberpunk story full of twists and intrigue with a fully voiced cast of characters.
  • Fight your enemies in card-based battles where sequencing and powerful combinations are the key to your success.
  • Build a deck that suits your playstyle.
  • Use cyberspace to hack into secure servers in a unique card-based puzzles.

Excited to form your own team and go on heists? Wishlist HeistGeist on Steam now.