Relationship Chronicles Adds Four New Mates to Uncharted Waters Origin

jasonnieva March 27, 2024 latest update for Uncharted Waters Origin is finally here. Dubbed as "Relationship Chronicles," it introduces four new mates to the roster. There's the S Grade Mate "‘Jeanne D’Arc" and the A Grade Mate "Isabella d’Este." The remaining two are both B Grade Mates and these are "Nora e Kelmendit" and "Jeanne Hachette."

The content update doesn't just add new mates. There's also what's known as "Special Combining" being added to the game. This is a system where you get to use basic materials and designated special materials resulting in the chances of desired types of Parts or Gear appearing being increased. The special materials in particular can be obtained through attendance, certain events, and the Shop.

Assault Systems

Two new assault systems have been. The first is the Remote Assault system which is available against Assault targets that you have assaulted at least once. It's only available during sailing. The second one is a Repel Assault system. In this one, the assault targets which have been assaulted at least once are now repellable using the highest damage that you recorded against the Assault target. The rare on Total Damage Rankings and calculated the same as engaging in combat with the target.

Changes to Budget

Players should be happy to know that there's now maximum budget limit and it's set at 100 trillion. That means the budget won't increase when donations are made after the maximum limit is reached. In addition, when the budget is increased after Weekly Pay is calculated, it also won't increase if the maximum limit has been reached.

By the way, there's now a function where you can see "Donation Ranking Rewards."

Uncharted Waters Origin is set sometime in the 16th century, a time that remains shrouded in mystery. It’s also time to set sail into an open world which is filled excitement. Get to experience freedom and joy as you journey across the world. Learn more about an expansive and detailed world that has 8 national powers, 200 ports, 60 villages, more than 300 battlegrounds, and over 20 types of weather.

Learn more about what changes arrived with the new update here. Uncharted Waters Origin is available to play free on Steam.