Soulmask Sells 100,000 Units within 31 Hours of Release

jasonnieva June 03, 2024

CampFire Studio announced that they've reached an excellent milestone for Soulmask. It was in May 31 when the game was released on Steam Early Access.

Within four hours since the launch, that managed to reach the Top 2 on the global bestseller list. After eight hours, it had reached to the top 1 position for paid games worldwide. The game also achieved the Top 1 spot in paid game sales in different regions that include US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Japan, and Brazil. Within 31 hours, sales had reached 100,000 units. As of that wasn't enough, the game also carries a "Very Positive" rating.

Soulmask is a sandbox game that's all about offering an authentic survival experience. As the "last one" who has been blessed with the mysterious mask, players get to fight for survival in a primitive land that's steeped in mysterious faiths as they carve out a path to ascendance. Everyone starts from nothing and eventually build to having a clan. The real goal though is to discover the mysterious truths that's hidden behind the civilizations of this world.

Merge Soul and Mask

One interesting feature of the game is that players can synchronize their consciousness with the tribesmen as they recruit them to strengthen the tribe. Players can possess and take over their bodies and transform into anyone. As the game progress, players get to discover masks that embody the spirit of ancient heroes. Those who do can also get access to the unique abilities of these heroes. There are 10 impressive masks to discover.

Combat Based on Realistic Physics

For now, the game provides eight different styles of weapons plus 75 different supporting combat skills. Each of these strictly restores the experience of real physical characteristics. Players can customize their fighting style to defeat opponents.

Personalized Gameplay

Players can choose to go offline single player or online multiplayer of up to 50 players on official servers. They can also establish their own LAN host or private server while inviting others to join. On private, non-official servers, customize numerous parameters are available to customize the gaming experience to their own preferences. This should allow players and friends to explore the rich world of Soulmask at their own pace.

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