The Eldritch Realms Has Opened Up in Age of Wonders 4

jasonnieva June 19, 2024

The latest major expansion for Age of Wonders 4 is finally here. The Eldritch Realms introduces a new in-world layer where players get to try overcoming hazards and fight against monsters that's beyond comprehension. There's also a lot of new content to enjoy. This expansion is available for $19.99 or can be downloaded as part of the Expansion Pass or Premium Edition. It's out for the PC, PlayStation 5, and the Xbox Series X/S.

Eldritch Realms opens up what's known as the Umbral Abyss. This is a new layer of the map where corruption runs rampant and horrors beyond comprehension are simply lying in wait in order to consume all that's good in the world. Venturing into this realm is harmful not just to mortals but even for Godir. However, it is with transformative magic that the truly brave can unlock the powerful secrets lying within.

The Umbral Abyss

The Umbral Abyss introduces everyone to new tactical combat maps and unique locations to explore. There are also new independent factions of Umbral dwellers that players can check out. New ruler type is also being added which are the Eldritch Sovereigns. These are ancient beings of terrible power and have been corrupted by the Umbral Abyss. They possess a unique Thrall spell casting mechanic.


There is also a new event system where mini-crises threaten all rulers at once in the Cosmic Happenings. These are a series of events that have unique tactical maps, units, mechanics, and of course, powerful rewards.

Three New Tomes

Players should also be happy to know about the three new Tomes. There's the Tome of the Tentacle that can tighten one's grasp. Tome of Corruption meanwhile turns the strength of enemies into weakness. Finally, there’s the Tome of Cleansing Flame which can drive back the darkness. Two new forms are being added as well with the first one being the Swarm which allows players to enter the battle as a faction of Insects. The second are the Syrons, which brings to mind the Age of Wonders’ past.

Age of Wonders 4 is available for the PC via Steam. It's also out on consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.