ALZARA Radiant Echoes: A JRPG Revolution in the Making

calimonk May 20, 2024

ALZARA Radiant Echoes, the highly anticipated JRPG inspired by genre classics, has reached its funding goal in less than 48 hours. Developed by French game studio Studio Camelia, the Kickstarter campaign quickly rallied the community's support, amassing over 100,000 euros in a short period. With this, the stage is set for a game that promises to revive and modernize the JRPG genre, and the gaming community is eagerly waiting for what's to come.

The game's trailer gives a glimpse into the world of ALZARA Radiant Echoes:

Developed in collaboration with Japanese composer Motoi Sakuraba (known for Dark Souls, Golden Sun) and artist Yoshiro Ambe (Genshin Impact, Fire Emblem Heroes, Trials of Mana), this 3D turn-based JRPG is set to release on PC and consoles in 2026.

ALZARA Radiant Echoes allows players to explore a fantasy Mediterranean archipelago in a world teetering on the brink of war. The game takes a fresh approach to the JRPG genre, with a dynamic battle system that enables players to strategically switch heroes and share magical abilities to gain an edge. Fans can back the Kickstarter campaign, wishlist ALZARA Radiant Echoes on Steam, and join the official Discord community for the latest news.

About Studio Camelia: Studio Camelia, founded in 2021, is a video game development studio committed to bringing novelty to the JRPG genre. The team comprises industry veterans whose previous works include acclaimed franchises like Ghost Recon, Dead Cells, Wakfu, Haven, and Foretales. With a mission to deliver captivating new experiences through intriguing fantasy worlds and compelling gameplay, Studio Camelia is currently focused on the development of ALZARA Radiant Echoes, a 3D turn-based JRPG set in a Mediterranean fantasy world.