Ova Magica: A Blooming JRPG Adventure

calimonk June 17, 2024

Fresh after their participation in this year's Guerilla Collective showcase, Top Hat Studios has participated in Steam Next Fest with their colorful JRPG, Ova Magica. This game, self-described as "Pokemon-meets-Harvest Moon", has been in development since 2019 and has been gaining significant attention online, with a successful Kickstarter campaign and a spot in the 2022 PC Gaming Show.

Developed by a primarily woman-led team, Ova Magica has had a history of success, becoming the #6 most-funded game campaign of 2021 on Kickstarter and receiving the "Big K" community award from the site. The team is excited to present an extensive demo ahead of its July Early Access launch, featuring 4-5+ hours of content. The game is scheduled to launch into Early Access on July 23rd. You can view the announcement trailer for the game's upcoming launch here:

Ova Magica presents a unique mix of Creature Collector, JRPG, and Simulation elements. As the new resident of Clover Town, players are invited to befriend blobs, explore themed dungeons, and cultivate a new life. The game features a customizable farmstead, where players can grow and craft ingredients & materials to not only strengthen their blobs and make money but also unlock beautiful new worlds full of adventures.

The game's goal is to combine the charm of classic genres with new, modern and intuitive twists on staple mechanics. After moving to take care of a farmstead in the quaint little hamlet Clover Town, players are introduced to Blobs! Blobs are cute, wobbly, and rotund creatures which hatch from eggs. Treat them with care and they can become your greatest companions!

Ova Magica will be available on Steam for Early Access on July 23rd. Check out the game's build and stay tuned for more updates on this highly anticipated title.