The Free Version of Dark and Darker is now on Steam

jasonnieva June 10, 2024

A new adventure awaits you in Dark and Darker and the good news is that this one's free. Now before you get too excited, this version only lets you create one characters and play Normal mode on all maps.

If you manage to enjoy the free version and want to experience more that the game has to offer, then you can upgrade to the full version for 15 Redstone shards, which is about $30. The full version gives players access to the High-Roller mode where they can those hard-earned gear and then take on even more dangerous dungeons and increase the stakes. They can also get access to the marketplace where they can trade with other adventurers along with nine total character slots and even the Shared Stash.

For developer IRONMACE, this version hopes to give those who haven't tried the game a chance to experience what Dark and Darker has to offer. It's also a way for those who managed to be part of the playtests but haven’t played it since. After all it gives them a look at the new features before heading to the full edition.

Unforgiving Hardcore

For those brave or foolish enough to dive deep into the devastated depths of an ancient citadel, there are unfathomable fortunes waiting for them. Players need to team up with friends and make sure to use courage, wit, and cunning. All of these to defeat monsters and discover mythical treasures. Plundering the riches though is the easy part. The hard part is getting out alive. The key is to find hidden escape routes.

Indeed, the world of Dark and Darker is all about high risks and high returns. A sound judgement can result in getting huge rewards, but the smallest of missteps can result in death and death carries a heavy penalty like all the loot obtained being lost.

Get Ready for Combat

With the game offering high immersion, players need to use their eyes and ears like they would in the real world. They'll have to target, track, and aim at the different challenges that they face. Helping them is the wide range of close combat weapons that each have unique patterns to learn and master. Knowing how to properly wield each weapon gives players that edge when it comes to surviving the harsh world.

Get Dark and Darker on Steam now.